This Strong Leader Led by a Riverside and in Church and Even in Prison – What Lessons We Learn!

This Strong Leader Led by a Riverside and in Church and Even in Prison - What Lessons We Learn!A slave girl was shouting things at Paul in Philippi, which were true, but coming from a bad corrupt evil source. Paul saw right through this slave girl and she was set free in Jesus. The bad spirit was cast out. When she could not longer tell fortunes through occult and demonic forces people’s pocket were touched.

Some people cannot stand or tolerate a decline in their income due to some new fresh Continue reading

Bring Out the Leader From Within

Bring Out the Leader From WithinThis article really is meant for those who want to be leaders however somewhere inside feel they really don’t have it in them; feel others are better, they don’t have the characteristic traits of a Leader etc.

Read on… and realize that YES YOU DO – You have a leader within.

Everyone has a thought within – ‘To Be A Leader’ someday. Today I am happy & proud to be in that role professionally. Continue reading

Why the Home Business Owner Must Set Goals

Why the Home Business Owner Must Set GoalsThe art of setting goals is a much written about subject. Go to any book store, mall, or online and you will find a myriad of options. Deciding which system to use is an important choice in the future of your business. A new business owner must establish goals that include only the important things.

Goals for a new home business owner should address a schedule, Continue reading

Leadership Authority – The Need For a Lead Rope

Leadership Authority - The Need For a Lead RopeIn the horse world the lead rope is very much like your name on the office door. It alerts your horse to your presence just as your name plate tells your employees where your desk is located. These are symbols of formal authority that do not entitle you to trust, respect or loyalty from your horse or your employees.

I can tell exactly how the relationship is developing between a horse and a human Continue reading

How Leaders CAUSE The Results?

How Leaders CAUSE The Results?Effective leadership requires the understanding that a leader must not only speak about what he feels is the best direction for his organization, but rather focus on getting things achieved that are either necessary, helpful or productive. This often demands that a leader adopts a proactive approach, rather than merely accepting the status quo, or expecting others to be responsible. While great leaders often Continue reading

Goal Setting Forms and Four Tips to Make Them Work

Goal Setting Forms and Four Tips to Make Them WorkRight now, the Internet is a great place to go if you’re interested in anything related to goals. For example, a number of sites offer some great goal setting forms that can help you write down (or type up) the achievements you’d like to have in your life. These forms give us some much needed structure when it comes to preparing our goals. Before you start brainstorming Continue reading

Addicted to Chocolate? How to Stop Eating Chocolate

Addicted to Chocolate? How to Stop Eating ChocolateDo you feel like you are addicted to chocolate? Some people have strong cravings for chocolate and feel the need to eat it daily and frequently. You can stop eating chocolate without issue but first you must understand that chocolate is addictive. Chocolate is addictive in two ways. It is physically addictive and emotionally addictive.

Physical Addiction

Chocolate Targets Continue reading

Dare To Be Yourself Without Drugs And Alcohol

Dare To Be Yourself Without Drugs And AlcoholWhether you are young or not-so-young, there is one fact which is probably true– when you began using drugs and alcohol, you may have thought it was a great way to fit in with others who were doing the same thing. If you think about it, though, there is something that is much better than taking on a self-destructive lifestyle in order to be one of the crowd– you can now branch out into an entirely new venture, and dare Continue reading

Principles of Inspirational Leadership

Principles of Inspirational LeadershipWe find it hard to define and even harder to grasp. Yet we all know when we are inspired, and we certainly feel it when we are not. Employees want their managers to be inspiring. It would be so much easier if they told you to be on time, to speak louder in meetings, or provide them with more stationery, but what has this to do with inspiration?

Inspiration wears Continue reading

Do You Really Need Business Goals?

Do You Really Need Business Goals?Absolutely, positively 100%, yes!! You need goals and you need them written down or mapped out, and here’s why…

You’ve probably heard the story about the rocks and the sand. It’s been told and retold and featured in many publications, so here’s just a quick version:

If you picture your life as a jar, and fill it with rocks, it looks full. But you can pour sand in around those rocks and it will Continue reading