Leaders Conduct After Action Reviews

Leaders Conduct After Action ReviewsLeaders are responsible for producing outcomes and getting favorable results; sometimes the results are good, other times the results are not so good. Whether the results are positive or negative, a leader’s objective is to continuously improve organizational performance over time. One way to do this is through reviewing an organizations’ current performance in order to inform and shape its future Continue reading

The Fine Art of Delegation – Part 2

The Fine Art of Delegation - Part 2How do you decide when to ask for help and when it’s best to do it yourself? Here are some indications that it may be time to for you to delegate:

1. Anytime you feel resistance when you think of performing a particular chore or task. 2. Anytime that you think you probably can do the work, but are not proficient at doing it 3. Anytime you feel compelled to do work you’re not competent Continue reading

7 Ways A Leader Can IMPROVE His Organization

7 Ways A Leader Can IMPROVE His OrganizationThe title of this article may seem rather odd to many individuals pursuing and/or holding positions of leadership, because it probably appears simplistic to merely attempt to create some sort of seven – step or way approach. Since no two organizations are exactly alike, nor possess the same needs, challenges, vision, mission or membership, it probably seems to be a somewhat rhetorical exercise Continue reading

Stop Binge Drinking – How to Make Binge Drinking Stop

Stop Binge Drinking - How to Make Binge Drinking StopAnyone can stop binge drinking, but it often takes more than just a desire to change behaviors. Binge drinking frequently starts quite young and becomes a habit without the person even realizing that it has become a problem. Part of the problem is the fact that many binge drinkers don’t recognize they are abusing alcohol. Instead they see their drinking as completely harmless, because they are “just having Continue reading

How to Improve Your Change Management Skills

How to Improve Your Change Management SkillsChange is essential in any progressive corporate organization. That is why its leaders and members need to manage that change effectively. Change management is important. It is defined as an efficient process of transforming persons from one function to another. Any enterprise for that matter needs valuable skills in change management to flourish continuously. Such abilities consist of communications Continue reading

A Truth-Teller’s Backbone

A Truth-Teller's BackboneIn “Another Woman,” written and directed by Woody Allen. Gena Rowlands portrays “an accomplished philosophy professor who, upon turning 50, feels compelled to take emotional stock of her life… Suddenly her quest for truth turns into a powerful and personal odyssey of self-examination, discovery and acceptance.” Her journey progresses through classic Allen vignettes in which she discovers her ambiguous Continue reading

How to Develop Charismatic Leadership Skills

How to Develop Charismatic Leadership SkillsAlthough there is a shortage of effective leaders in the marketplace, there is even more of a shortage of charismatic leaders. The recent death of Apple’s Steve Jobs not only represented an end of an era, but the passing of a charismatic leader who made technology attractive. To be able to add personality to inanimate objects could only stem from the imagination of a charismatic Continue reading

Manage Time – Manage the Future

Manage Time - Manage the FutureAs many of you know, the seventh step in the Partnering Process is to “Review.” This is an important step because it allows us to reflect on the progress we have made and the changes that have come about as a result of our actions. Recently, I was asked to review a book titled, “Logical Universe” by Michael Jones, soon to be released by Inertial Press. I must admit the book was interesting, Continue reading

Life Without Goals

Life Without GoalsPicture this: you are focused on being, not doing. You are fully present in the now of this moment. And then this moment. And now this moment.

You are at peace. You flow with every circumstance and gift life has to offer, and life continues to offer you more and more amazing gifts.

How can a life without goals work?

Enjoy every moment. Appreciate Continue reading

Eunice Kennedy – A Legacy of Leadership

Eunice Kennedy - A Legacy of LeadershipWhen you think of the Kennedy Clan, John, Robert, and Ted come to mind quickly. Living her life outside of the mainstream public eye, Eunice Kennedy Shriver had perhaps the most meaningful accomplishment of all the Kennedys.

In 1968 the world was focused on the Olympiad Games in Mexico City. Anne McGlone Burke, a Physical Education Teacher in Chicago, had the idea Continue reading